Welcome on my website.
I'm a French photographer, I live and work in Paris.
I'm very pleased to show you my work with this brand new website.
I hope you will spend a good time and I would like to thank you for your support.

My websites
I create different universe to present you my work. Sometimes it is a work but it is always a pleasure and I would like to show you the photos I took in the world, and the weddings and events one.
The first link is my wedding website. Taking pictures of a best day of two lives is a great honor.

The second one shows photos of interiors. I found a real passion taking thoses pictures. Patience, reflection, professionnalism are needed. I like.

The third website is a for events. A lot of rock band plays every night in the city and I try to share their energy and their talent.

Place Gambetta
Paris - France
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Tel. +33 (6) 16 78 12 11

Reel May 2012

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Coming soon
Fort-de-France Carnival, Invisible handicap and the 24h of Grenoble race

SEPTEMBER 20th, 2012:
Welcome to my new personal website ! I hope you will appreciate it. A lot new projects are coming. And thank you for all your support close